I am a software engineer at Google developing products and services in Vertex AI. I was previously doing capacity planning for all GCP products, by building systems and services that utilize optimization and forecasting models.

I received my Ph.D. from the Operations Research Center at MIT in 2019, advised by Dimitris Bertsimas. My thesis was on advances in data-driven models for transportation, and I collaborated with Julia Yan on the optimization of large-scale public transit networks.

In summer 2018, I was hosted by Ross Anderson and Ondrej Sykora under Jon Orwant in the Operations Research group at Google. While there, we worked with Christian Tjandra and Joey Huchette on solving optimization problems over trained neural networks, with applications across genomics and deep reinforcement learning.

I've also spent a summer with Sidhant Misra and Line Roald in LANL under the Advanced Network Science Initiative. We developed machine learning techniques for solving parametric optimization problems efficiently, and had the good company of Carleton Coffrin and Kaarthik Sundar in developing research software for power systems.

Prior to MIT, I graduated from NUS with a B.Eng. in Industrial and Systems Engineering. In my summers there, I was mentored by Melvyn Sim and Patrick Jaillet, and did research with Jin Qi under the Decision Science (now Analytics & Operations) department and Yossiri Adulyasak under the Future Urban Mobility Lab.

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